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"What is the key to building customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business?"
The quality of the relationship that you build with your client is the number one factor in determining if a customer will come back again and again.

"Where do I find the new customers who will help my business grow?"
By fostering engaging relationships with your current client base, you open up the door to an endless pool of potential new customers within their networks.

"How can I encourage better communication within my company?"
By focusing on conversational interactions, you can break down barriers and encourage healthy communication throughout your organization.

"My employees just punch-in and punch-out. How can I encourage more buy-in?"
Invite them into the sales process. Empower your employees to promote themselves and your company in each conversational interaction they have with your customers.

"What is the next big marketing trend that I should be focusing on?"
Don't chase trends. They are, by definition, trendy. The best, simplest, cheapest, most measurable, and most profitable strategy for you to increase business right now is to build engaging relationships with your clients and to focus on sales.

"How can I tell which marketing opportunities will offer the best ROI?"

Focus on the opportunities you can measure. There is nothing easier to measure than SALES! Cultivating your current sales relationships will reap the biggest return at the lowest cost to your company.


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